Change Manager-IBM India Private Limited

Job Position Title Change Manager
Company Name IBM India Private Limited
Location of Work Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi
Experience Required 6  Years
Job Role Service Delivery Manager
Candidate Qualifications
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • At least 4 years experience in Change Manangment
  • At least 4 years experience in ITIL
  • English: Fluent
Job Area IT & Telecommunications (non consulting)
Industry IT
Job Ref Code


Posted On 19th Jun 2015

Job Description:

  • • Maintains goals and objectives within the process
    • Designs and recommends metrics and reports for management
    • Provides a fully functional Change Management process resulting in customer satisfaction
    • Responsible for ensuring those resources have the required skill sets
    • Maintains Continuous Process Improvement on a regular basis
    • Decides who is invited to CAB meetings
    • Convenes and chairs CAB meetings
    • Convenes and chairs CAB/EC meetings
    • Manages Urgent RFCs through the life cycle
    • Approves and authorizes Urgent RFCs
    • Analyzes Change records to determine any trends or apparent problems that occur
    • Assists the Process Owner in identifying and prioritizing process improvements
    • Ensures adherence to the process
    • Approves or rejects applications for Standard Pre-Approved Changes (SPACs) after CAB review
    • Conducts Post Implementation Reviews
    • Approves acceptable changes endorsed by the CAB or Senior Management for Significant and Major changes
    • Initiates and facilitates Senior Management meetings for Major RFC reviews and endorsement
    • Develops an agenda for CAB meetings, decide attendees, then circulates RFCs for prior
    • Documents minutes of CAB meetings
    • Issues and maintains Forward Schedule of Change (FSC)
    • Conducts ongoing review of all RFC(s)
    • Verifies completeness of RFC


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