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Three Core Values of Edulyf

World Class Education

We aim to provide best education resources to students by collaborating with proficient teachers of specific domains. At the same time, we ensure to provide our education services at very low prices.

Supporting Unprivileged Students

Edulyf’s services aims to provide equal opportunity of education for all students irrespective of their financial background to make playing field fairer.

Promoting e-learning in India

We aware masses about the benefits of e-learning where sufficient education resources are not available. Getting more and more students online can solve many weakness of Indian education system.

Did You Practise Online Test? No?

Let's start

About Company is an initiative by a group of five B.Tech graduates from IITs and NITs to spread FREE and QUALITY education among every student of the country, especially those who can’t afford it.

As a first step, we have launched which will provide free access to the notes of previous rank holders of all competitive exams like IAS, IES, JEE, Medical, CA etc. It will help aspirants of competitive exams to strengthen their preparation. We have scanned the notes and uploaded them in the best format.

We guys are working on this social initiative alongside our job, so we expect a little support and contribution from every student and teacher of India. Anyone who is interested to join us can contact us at

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